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National Shotokan Karate Association India is a Shotokan style Association. It is a non political and non profitable association. It is affiliated to Karate India Organisation (KIO). The Association has a good experience of participating in different National, International Championships, Seminars and Master Training Camps and has made significant contribution in the field of Karate at National and International Level. NSKAI was formed under the guidance of Sensei Sanjay Ingole, a former National Champion having experience of more than two decades in different facets of Karate. He started his training of Shotokan Karate in early seventies under Sensei Anil Sinha, who first introduced Shotokan, Karate in India. NSKAI is the fastest growing karate organization in India with more than 10,000 students practicing regularly.


The Association is going forward with the view of Shotokan Karate and is propagating Karate as a method of exercise, sport, a technique of self defense and also as a Japanese martial art. The mindset of members of the Association is very optimistic to promote and develop Shotokan Karate in India and the members are dedicated to their mission.

The Association currently consists of 75 Karate Training centers with a main dojo i.e. headquarter. The Association is expanding with new schools, clubs, branch dojo, all over India, setting new standards in our ancient fighting art.



The Association´s main objective is to promote and develop Shotokan Karate in India by encouraging and increasing awareness to the people. Organizing and participating in different National and International Championships, seminars and training camps. This would in long run produce high quality players. NSKAI strives to create a consolidated movement for popularizing the true form of Shotokan Karate in India, where many instructors are teaching one or the other form of Karate and most of them in diluted version. NSKAI is creating an awareness among the karate practitioners, so that they can be included in the mainstream Karate. NSKAI aims to raise the standard of Karate in India to the international levels. The steps towards achieving these goals are :

1. To organize training camps under International Instructors.

2. Exposure in International Championship In India and Abroad.

NSKAI has training centers in 8 states in India and is a recognized organization by Karate India Organisation (KIO), KIO is the only karate organization recognized by GOVERNMENT OF INDIA - MINISTRY OF YOUTH AFFAIRS AND SPORTS.

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